The Countdown: Back in the mask!


Hey ladies and gents. I first want to apologize for the absence.  I have been working on a blog post but because one of the sections in the article actually needs a video, I need to find a willing partner and a nice place to film in Osaka so please be patient a little longer. However, I did not come here empty handed as I have something good or at the very least interesting.


So back in June, I participated in a tournament.  Well it was really only two matches, but tournament makes everything sound 100 times better than it actually is. Anyway, one of my friends and martial arts brothers from the University at Buffalo came to Osaka to hang out with this little brown man and watch my matches. What I didn't expect was that he recorded a good portion of the night before and the day of my matches.


In this post, I will share the countdown to the tournament and my two matches. Hope this will satiate your hunger until I can post another delicious blog! Well, you know the drill. Happy training!


The Countdown
First Match
Final Match


I want to say thank you to Arthur for recording and editing the video. It was really cool to watch. I wish there was more content. I hope that you enjoy the matches and keep an eye out for the next post.


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The Insider


Izzy man

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