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James Darrel Alexander Jr. (JD) - "Head Instructor"

Iron Forged Martial Arts



  • Muay Thai Record (3-1)

  • 2010 - Arnold Classic Muay Thai tournament 155lbs weight class - First Place

  • 2012 - Joined the Kudo International Federation (KIF)

  • 2012 - Completed 10 man kumite - Promoted to Shodan Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate

  • 2014 - Promoted to Nidan Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate

  • 2014 - Granted position of Branch Chief for Dayton, OH region by the Kudo International Federation (KIF)

  • 2014 - Coach for the first USA Kudo Team competing in the 2014 Kudo World Tournament in Tokyo, Japan

  • 2015 - 1st Pan-American Kudo Championship Santiago, Chile - 4th Place

  • 2015 - Granted position of Branch Chief for Colorado Springs, CO region by the KIF

  • 2018 - Promoted to Nidan (2nd Degree) Black Belt in Kudo Daido Juku

James started out his martial arts journey 17 years ago with Sensei Randy Dressler in Duncan, OK. He studied Kyokushin Karate under Sensei Dressler for 7 years before moving away to attend college at Oklahoma State University. Go Pokes!!!


While attending college, he studied Muay Thai and Brazillian JuJitsu under Doug Stokes, coach of the Cowboys MMA Club, for 3 years. 


He then moved to Edmond, OK and continued his study of Muay Thai and Combat Submission Wrestling under Khru Mike Parker and Coach Terry Miller at Crucible Martial Arts Academy for the next 3 years. 


Upon graduation, James was offered a job at Wright-Patterson AFB and soon found himself in Dayton, OH.  There he was introduced to the Wright-Patt Boxing Club and spent a year honing his punching and footwork skills.  


It was during this time that he first found Shihan Benalio Padron's Kyokushin school in Columbus, OH.  James trained with Shihan Padron for the next 4 years attaining the rank of Nidan, as well as, attaining his teaching certificate in Kyokushin Karate.


In 2012, James began training with Sensei Dan Kendall, then head of USA Kudo, in Kudo Daido Juku in Detroit, MI.  After two years of training, he decided the mixed martial art of Kudo was the path he should follow.  Kudo is a true mixed martial art offering a full range of techniques while still maintaining the spirit of Budo, respect, and humility.

Andrew Stutts - "Judo"

Andrew has taken a long and diversified journey pursuing self-development.  In 1990, he enlisted in the military when Desert Storm was in full swing and so would begin his 21 years of service to his country and end in a final tour in Afghanistan.  Mental and physical readiness became a way of life and as a military leader he encouraged this in others.   Andrew viewed training in martial arts on his personal time as an essential activity for one in the “profession of arms”. 


Andrew started out his martial arts journey 12 years ago with Sensei Fred LeMond in Cheyenne, WY.  The late Sensei LeMond was Andrew’s most influential mentor in Budo.   Sensei LeMond was selected as one of the initial cadre sent to Japan to learn Judo and instruct Air Force aircrew member’s self-defense.   Sensei LeMond was “old school” and taught Judo in a manner that was balanced in its application of ground and standing techniques.  Also, equal emphasis was placed on self-defense, competition and character development.  Andrew studied Traditional Kodokan Judo under Sensei LeMond for 3 years before moving to Colorado Springs due to military requirements. 


Once in Colorado Springs, Andrew was introduced to a more competition oriented approach to Judo.  Andrew trained with Sensei Paul Trong for 3 years where he received outstanding coaching and instructing.  Sensei Trong was a demanding coach who inspired excellence and technical perfection. 

Andrew trained 6 years with Sensei Chris Metzgar and received his black belt during this time.  Andrew’s Shodan rank was officially recognized by USA Judo in 2012.  Sensei Metzgar awarded Andrew with the rank of Nidan in 2016.  Andrew learned an eclectic style of Judo from Sensei Metzgar’s training program, incorporating techniques from various grappling styles.  Furthermore, Andrew’s knowledge was enhanced by association with many like-minded instructors.   Most notably Sensei Anthony Pastorello, from whom Andrew learned a pragmatic and open-minded approach to martial arts in general.   


Judo is a martial art used for not only self-defense but as a means for mental, physical, and character development.  Well-known mottoes attributed to Judo are "Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort" and "Mutual Welfare and Benefit." Andrew continuously strives to bring these concepts to all facets of his life and share these concepts with others. 


Whatever your age, level of physical fitness or ability, Judo will change your life.


Just begin.

Tyler Hackworth - "Scottish Broadsword"



"We must be real, we must be exact, we must survive. Survival is everything."

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